antimony aradia
they / she / it
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i feel so so sick and salem is meowing like a little bitch so im gonna go for a bit and then ill come back and remake lol l8r loserrs

salem is being such a baby!! he’s so meowing and so affectinoate rn im sorry… sorry i didnt want myself to leave eitehr


mogai-archive - that sweet blog that catalogues genders, pronouns, sexual orientations, and romantic orientations - thinks that trans men are not an oppressor class, just in case any of you folx follow that blog and care about that sort of thing

I’ma forgive, I won’t forget, but I’ma dead the issue.

salem is sooo small omg i’m gonna cry… my moms cat is more than 3 times salems size im yelling

i’m home. the gods luv me


in the car and it is raining im so happy

ok ok my father is coming t opick me up because the gods luv me tonight i have to hang out at my aunts house with him for a while but thats fine as long as im home tonight. im remaking tonight too gods fucking bless