Alice Auaa Fall/Winter 2013 at Tokyo Fashion Week

ok… i’m taking melatonin for the first time and it’s scary hope to the gods i can sleep soon

good stuff is coming up… tomorrow i’m switching in to my new honors english class and my new bag i was really in need of is arriving in the next week and i’ll hopefully be getting new clothes which i’m also really in need of this weekend and then me and isa’s anniversary (annieversary) and then the end of may is weirdfam reunion and then i get out of school early june? what the hell? everything is great


me and anies brains are hooked up to one fucked up floating mind skull

uh??? I love isa??? σ(^_^;)

trans ppl 💯

cis ppl 🚮


模擬二色印刷 そして謎のポーズ



trans goths > cis preps


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