allistics if you think it’s okay to say shit like “autistic people are smarter anyway!” drop dead, stop kissing ass and trying to look so good and amazing for accepting us. stop acting like because of our disability we need to be given some redeeming quality like calling us smarter for how our brain works. valuing intelligence so highly in the first place is so ableist and if you think intelligence or iq number deems someones worth then you belong six feet under
omg youre already done?? you are a super quick writer * O *

i’m reading over and some of it is pretty shoddy so it’s not actually completely done… i think it’s just because i already know a lot about the topic, falls

youare a true friend

wolves gotta defend their pack >:)

omg kevin i just realized i used “more commonly known” like twice in succession in the first paragraph don’t mind that, i’m going to fix it up later

i’m going to flay and bleed out anyone who is harassing lycie, i’ll make your death a long and torturous one


"like" if humans are bad but deserve pity, "reblog" if humans deserve no mercy and must die out

send it to me

sent it to your email. i still have some things to add actually, because i have a book that talks about mandragora at home, and i haven’t written the conclusion yet, but other than that. it’s basically done.

finish essay ;u; i think it turned out fairly nice for something done in such a short time!

referring to nye as yr step sib is ADORABLE

it’s tru tho… i haven’t talked to them much but they’re cool and i think of them whenever i see crows